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Wineries open daily: 15
Wineries open weekends & appointment*: 4
Wineries open by appointment*:2
Lodgings: N/A
Restaurants: N/A

* Appointments to taste and tour wineries are very easy to setup, and in many cases can be quite impromptu... so don't hesitate to call ahead even if last minute!

Day Trip #3

South Alexander Valley

From Geyserville to Healdsburg

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Alexander Valley is a delightful and casual road trip with good roads and easy access wineries. The majority of the wineries on this trip are open daily, and almost all open weekends.

The scenery is spacious and colorful... a vast sea of vineyards fill the valley floor and curl up the hillsides.

Take Hwy. 101 to the Lytton Springs Rd. exit... jog on to Alexander Valley Rd. and travel east into the sweeping Alexander Valley. Head south on Hwy. 128 to Chalk Hill Rd, then back north on 128 to loop through Geyserville and back down again to Lytton Springs Rd.